Welcome to MBN Realty Advisors

The nation’s most cost effective company where you can keep your R/E license active and make tens of thousands of dollars from your social network.

Avoid all the high costs of association dues and regular broker fees. For as little as $15.00 per month your license becomes registered and active. An active license gives you the ability to legally earn commissions on your deals and those that you refer into the advisors system.

MBN Realty Advisors provides all the tools for you to earn a substantial income. The $100.00 annual registration will provide you with a set of personalized business cards, a business kit, a Custom Relationship Management Program and a deal tracker.

Every time you register a customer or client into the system and generate a work order, you get paid when the transaction is completed anywhere in the USA or Canada.

MBN Realty Advisors is part of the MBN Group of companies which is dedicated to providing a seamless professional customer service experience

1) Consulting

2) Real Estate Transactions

3) Mortgage Financing and Refinancing

4) Insurance – Property, Casualty, Life

5) Investment Education & Financial Planning

As an MBN Realty Advisor you are licensed to provide sound real estate advise to your friends, family, associates and customers.

When you discover that someone from your circle of influence has a real estate need, simply register them on the CRM (Customer Service Manager) program and create a work order. Once the work order is complete, the team gets to work and contacts the customer and introduces themselves and sets up a schedule of events and processes to get the transaction completed. We look after everything from getting them Financing to Inspections to locating and finding the perfect property to the closing and title work. You as the Advisor are kept informed every step of the way.

Every time progress is made on the file, the system is updated and you are sent an email notification of the progress and the new status of the file.

Upon closing, MBN Realty Advisor collects the commission for the referral and distributes your portion directly to the account you have registered for direct deposit or sends you your check. All commissions are split with the agents where the agent receives 80% and the brokerage receives 20%. There are several ways to earn money as an MBN Realty Advisor and your income streams continue to expand depending on the license that you, the agent holds. To maximize revenue, an MBN Realty Advisor must maintain their Real Estate License and C/E (Continuing Education) requirements for their state. In addition, if the Advisor also holds a MLO License with a current and active NMLS number which is registered to our mortgage division, they are also entitled to earn commissions on any Refinancing or New Purchase Financing or Mortgage requirements.

Lastly, many of our Advisors also hold Insurance License. Once again, you may earn commission for any Insurance products sold which pertain to your license.

Perhaps the most unique feature of being an MBN Advisor is that as long as you remain a member of MBN Realty Advisors, any customers that you put into the system remain your clients providing that you document follow-up every 90 days. Every time they perform a transaction with MBN you get paid.

With MBN Realty Advisors you part of the most driven and comprehensive referral network in the USA or Canada. Below are the categories which you can generate Income

1) Real Estate Listings

2) Real Estate Purchases

3) Residential Leasing

4) Commercial & Industrial Leasing

5) Business Sales & Purchases

6) MBN Investor Membership if additionally Licensed NMLS (Mortgage)

7) Mortgage Refinancing

8) Purchase Financing

9) Property Insurance if Additionally Licensed Insurance

10) Casualty Insurance

11) Life Insurance

12) All other Insurance

Here is an example of how the MBN Realty Advisor system works:

Most people have 100’s of people in their social network. It’s important that they know that you are an Advisor.

Step 1 – Load your contacts into the CRM tool Database or enter them in one at a time (your choice)

Step 2 – Send them an email (system generated) explaining the benefits of dealing with you and the MBN system.

Step 3 – Complete the customers profile and work order.

Step 4 – Have customers sign the referral disclosure

Step 5 – Check to make sure that you saved the work order and that it shows up as an active order to be assigned.

Step 6 – Administration will assign the work order and update the system and status.


Step 7 – Real Estate work will be performed.

Step 8 – Mortgage and Financing services will be performed

Step 9 – Closing date will be assigned

Step 10 – Transaction closes and funds are dispensed to brokerage

Step 11 – YOU GET PAID

Setting your expectations is key to knowing how to maximize your results and earnings.

On the back end of the MBN Realty Advisors website we have a series of letters and schedule that you can send to your clients in advance to help prepare them properly for what lies ahead regardless of whether they are selling and listing a house, buying for the first time leasing their property, renting a property or simply signing up for our education program at MBN Investor Education Corp.

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